N-aitec services cover the entire software life cycle, from the analysis, design and programming, to the maintenance and support services:

  • Consultancy - Includes delivery of ICT Master Plans; organizational analysis to maximize the customer benefits deriving from the use of ICT solutions; design and delivery of customized solutions, and systems integration.

  • Start-up - Our products completeness and modularity as well as our experiences permit an efficient and short-time start-up.

  • Support - N-aitec “Customer Care” division follows all software installations during their life cycle. Remote control of products. Technical Support on request, remote and on-site assistance.

  • Maintenance - N-aitec products are kept updated and developed, following innovations in terms of regulations, organisation, business, technological evolution. The inquiries and feedback coming from the many installations are the most effective boost to create well-timed and proper updates.

  • Preventive Monitoring - A remote service, to early identify and to correct the operational and technical anomalies in the use of products.

  • Cloud Solutions - N-aitec systems can be available from  cloud computing provider's servers , strongly reducing the technical complexity at customer's site and initial investments.

  • Systems Integration - We provide the integration of our software with third party systems and technologies used by our customers.