Resource Management

ARMS/F – Planning

The solutions is dedicated to the airport infrastructural resources planning and simulation: Stand, Gate, Check-In, Finger, Arrival Belt and Departure Belt. It enables the allocation of resources trough the creation of rules and preferences in the respect of the flight planning generated by Clearance, or manually imported.

The resulting layout through Gantt chart enables the user to create the improvements using wizards or simple tools. The simulation module permits to evaluate hypothetical scenarios by introducing variations on the real configurations, both on the flight planning and on the airport structures.



ARMS/F – Operative

The operational module optimizes the management of the real-time fixed airport resources, the system is always updated over the AODB processing and validation of data. It uses rules, template, resource data which are defined in the planning module depending on the operational calendar to have the maximum flexibility in the daily operational management. The allocations systems continuously update the estimated planning, as consequence of an operational variation for example: a delay, a change in the turnover, a new flight, a cancellation etc.

The user can always change or  suggest the system the best condition of allocation. Particular functions are available to manage the resource temporary operational blocks, ground movements, change in the flight status which are unplanned etc. Data are consolidated within the AODB and are available for the analysis. Furthermore the solution enables to manage the operational allocation resources both for commercial aviation and general aviation flights.



ARMS/H – Planning

ARMS/H is the solution for an optimized and flexibile operational management of all handling resources and mobile equipment, it enables to determine the demand by the definition of handling contracts, duties, activities and equipment, using simple graphics interfaces. Starting from the result, the user can obtain the best roster coverage simulating costs, type of roster and staff availability.



ARMS/H – Operative

The operational module creates the real-time management of all handling resources, staff and mobile equipment, the system is updated by the AODB processed and validated data. It is fed by the daily flight planning, scheduled rosters, and required handling services, in such a way the users using simple interfaces allocate staff to the corresponding activities and flights.  The down board operator, if endowed with mobile device, can indicate the controller the level of the single activities, and viceversa receving the useful flight information. The mobile system enables also to identify the extra-contract services, additionally the corresponding data will be sent to the invoice systems.



ARMS/S – Planning

The module is dedicated to the determination of the structure dimension and security check resources, based on the level of passenger congestion, it creates an efficient service, using the specific quality parameters (waiting time of queues), structure (number of security check) statistics over passenger traffic, past and estimated data. These data are determined by a future flight template and enable to understand the congestion levels of the structure, the passenger service level and to determine needs. As result of these data, it will be possible to search the best roster coverage, using the specific cost based template, roster type and staff at disposal.