Passenger Operations

Airport CheckPoint
The event of the new passenger check-in mode through Kiosk, Web, Mobile etc. has completely changed the dynamics of the airport management, determining on the one hand inefficiency in terms of passenger service and on the other hand the lack of information supporting the airport enterprise for the correct organization of its structure dimensions.
Airport CheckPoint will enable to check very easily the passenger boarding passes for the correct organization of the structure depending on the type of check-in (Web, Self, Airport) and to collect a statistical data bank that will enable to organize the dimension of your structure on the real passenger flow. The system is equipped of operational dashboards for the control of the real-time  situation as well as report for the historical data analysis.


Easy Local DCS-Departure Control System

Easy Ldcs  is an innovative and complete Departure Control System, endowed of all the features  necessary for the operations of check-in, baggage drop off, passengers boarding, load control and flight management. The system has been projected to respond to the needs of the airport operators and Low Cost Carriers, and not only for them, Easy Ldcs considerably reduces the time for staff training, and can be also employed in cloud mode, in CUTE environment or on Windows client  stations, keeping completely unchanged  the ergonomics and the offered features. Through the IATA BCBP, Bar Coded Boarding Pass, it has been possible to get substantial reductions in investments and in the hardware costs. 

PRM-Persons with reduced mobility management

The module optimizes and monitors the assistance service for persons with reduced mobility (PRM). It works through the company specific procedures and software, and the scheduled flight operational data. The module enables the passenger operational management, the tracing of all passenger management related activities, passenger historical consultation, telex and log activities, creating a service quality analysis.



The PRM Mobile procedure has been introduced with the aim to optimize the activities related to the provision of the assistances to passengers with reduced mobility. As a result, the PRM operators equipped with mobile devices, will be able to detect in a very specific way the provided service, reducing  the phone traffic to the coordinators and enabling a larger organization of the activities to perform. Thank to this software the staff involved in the treatment of the PRM could be more independent in the indication of the duration and in the mode relating the provided service to the PRM passenger assigned by the coordinating department. The total service efficiency is increased enhancing the resource management and duties.