Flight Management


A-CDM is the N-aitec web based application providing the easiest access to Always updated and verified flight status information.

A-CDM provides relevant benefits to all operators involved in airport flight operations: Airports, Airlines and Ground Handlers.

Using state of art web Technologies, A-CDM is a flexible and reliable operational Platform, delivering agile and secure broadcast communications between its servers and all connected client devices: desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

Thanks to its modular architecture, A-CDM information flow can be tailoired according to any airport specific requirement.


Clearance - Flight Seasonal Planning

Clearance is a powerful solution for the management of the flight seasonal planning through the processing of IATA Messages (for example SCR and SMA), messages generated by the Coordinating Authorities and manual input. The created matrix can be integrated with the information concerning code-share, marketing flights, circular flights (IATA standard), tour operator, airport structures, timetable and invoice data.

The creation of the flight turnover  is automatically managed by the procedure, using the information contained on the telex formatting, historical templates of the turnover based on operational costs, or searching algorithms based on the time for aircraft preparation (minimum working time) and data schedule. Furthermore Clearance is endowed with tools for the creation of the flight planning on UTC or LT, and commercial Timetable with web interfaces.


OCS/CA – Commercial Aviation Management     

Operative Control System – Commercial Aviation is the heart of the flight real-time management. Starting from the seasonal planning, the solution allows the management of the day flights keeping them always updated through the automatic processing of the IATA telex (MVT, LDM, PTM, PSM, SAM, SRM, SLC, TPM, CPM, DUV etc. ) OCS allows a continuous operational monitoring of the flights, as well as the archiving of all flight related data, effectively eliminating the use of paper. After a rigorous process of validation, the collected data are available to the invoice systems, data analysis and to create the Airport Newspaper. For the flight handled in the DCS ARCO the system provides specific modules which allow automatically to retrieve and update the information, eliminating many of the tasks for the operator refresh.


General Aviation 

The module specific for the management of the General Aviation flights provides optimal tools for the evaluation of the flights reservation and the corresponding impacts that they could have in terms of apron allocations, traffic flow congestion on arrival or on departure as well as for the management of the ground handling resources.The requests could be acquired from the system through a Web Portal service or xml files. Users can check their request approval status or modify the details in every moment via Web. In order to provide the most efficient service to customers and to plan the airport activities for the general aviation in the best way, the General Aviation module offers a set of features for the evaluation and analysis of the flight requests.


IceMonitor and IceMonitor Mobile

IceMonitor is the software solution designed by N-aitec for the centralization of the acquisition, planning and management of the de-icing requests, both for commercial aviation and for general aviation flights. The application predicts the de-icing activity queues to be delivered directly at stand or at dedicated zones, coordinating in real-time the available de-icing equipment and registering the changes to the arrived requests. IceMonitor is based on a highly sophisticated algorithm for the impartial evaluation of the de-icing queues and the planning of aircraft treatments according to the operational data acquired  in the real-time from AODB, additionally there is a large set of parameters and pre-configurable profiles relating the resources and equipment availability. IceMonitor system speed up operations by use of mobile devices such as tablet or BT printers installed directly onboard of the de-icing equipment. The solution permits the immediate share of information between the different involved figures, the punctual detection of the essential activities for the release of aircrafts in the predicted time and the corresponding administrative activities, as well as the optimization of costs and resources.