Cargo Operations


PowerCargo is the application structured on more modules that realizes an easy management of all of the airport freight warehouse. The system enables the management of  all freight related information, freight carried by air or land. The main import warehouse functionalities regard the receiving and automatic processing of FFMTelex, the creation of the Freight Manifests, LTA, the sending of the FSU telex, the electronic connection with the Customs authority, the management of irregularities, the detection of services as well as the management of  the forwarders' abandoned freight and pick -up. The main Export warehouse related activities are the management of Borderau, LTA and freight movements, the detection of the provided services, the automatic creation of the FFM, and finally the management of the Export Manifests. The  management of the inventory  and the stock analysis are also possible. PowerCargo operates both for the management of in/out ULD and for the detection through handheld of the activities relating controls, irregularities and services. The invoice system uses all data at disposal (depending on the specific contracts for single customer) to generate the invoice of services, charges, freight movements and everything else related. All data relating freight movements and those of invoicing are available for the analysis also after having been managed.


PowerCargo- EDI with the Customs Agency
In the context of the initiative to create an electronic customs it is essential disposing of an information system that enables to detect information regarding the airport incoming  and outgoing freight. N-aitec has integrated its own PowerCargo application with the Customs electronic system delivering freight data and acquiring the numbers assigned by the AIDA Customs Agency's system. The delivery of information processes for the freight treatment, additionally to improve and optimize the related activities, also enables their rationalization, furthermore this type of integration provides an answer to what has been defined by  the IATA e-freight project .  


PowerCargo – Agency

PowerCargo Agency is an application which enables the management of  the documental agency of the freight warehouse. Fully integrated with the PowerCargo module, it permits the management of the documented handling such as: cargo manifest insurances, DBR and cash collect, cash reserve on policies, agency irregularities, LTA pending, reminders, IRP and abandoned freight. Furthermore the module operates also with the invoice system of CC FEE, airport charges, and agency fees.