Baggage Operation & Tracing
ALFA - Lost & Found Management

ALFA is the Airone 2000 solution for the automation of the Lost & Found office. This system, fully interfaced with Worldtracer , enables to manage the files of lost baggage, damages, found baggage, lost properties, as well as the match between lost and found baggage, the delivery lists through the courier service, the phone call lists to passengers and additionally the baggage warehouse. The local database makes available the statistics data, the management of the airlines which are not Worldtracer partners, as well as the interaction between the query systems IVR and SMS, which provide passengers the right information over the status of their own baggage. Such automation enables to run efficiently the related activities, to cut considerably the costs of the Lost & Found office management and consequently increasing the level of the customer service by ensuring an easy way to solve such complex activities. 



The IVR module allows, adopting an interactive voice responder, to provide the specific information about the flight status or baggage status in case of lost properties. The employment of the SIP protocol, where communication are based, enables easily to integrate the technological devices of your environment. Instead the SMS module permits the automatic delivery of the messages regarding the delivery status of lost baggage.



The Alfakiosk new module operates in connection with WordlTracer or integrating with the Alfa system; endowed with a very user-friendly interface on touchscreen monitors, it is the specific solution for the passengers’ lost baggage claims.



BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System)  is the Airone 2000 system for the reconciliation of baggage, it allows to execute the operation for the baggage reconciliation both under board and in the baggage belts. The solution permits to catalogue the information regarding the check-in of baggage acquiring the IATA telex (BSM, BUM etc.), to assign the ULD to a flight, anytime to manage the load and to check the level of operations through a console for monitoring. Through an integrated system, BRS controls the real-time baggage reconciliation, giving the user all data to evaluate if all estimated baggage of a specific flight have been loaded. Furthermore an exhaustive reporting system enables to analyze the mishandled baggage and the specific reasons.