Aviation Contracts & Invoicing


AVIBILL (AVIation BILLing) is the Airone 2000 solution for the Commercial and General Aviation invoicing. The product is constituted by tools that enable the simple and full management of all flight airport data, to define the charges object of contracts, the payment modality, cash movements, to arrange and create invoices, and to export the turnover into accounting programs. The module is fully integrated with the airport database (AODB) where it is possible to get data in total transparency and without any user interaction. The invoicing system enables to generate on-line invoices with immediate or credit deferred payment. It is possible to invoice: airport charges, contract services, extra-handling services, centralized services, miscellaneous services. As consequence of the tool flexibility,  the user can independently define: rules, lists, contracts, regularizations based on one or more flight and/or invoice features. At the end data can be analyzed by the business intelligence module Best.Billing.



The solution is dedicated to the invoicing and management of the aircraft refueling. Fully integrated with the Avibill module, it enables to detect, also using mobile devices, all refueling data and to export them to the central system for the invoicing and analysis. Furthermore the module enables to manage all activities related to: fuel stocks, excise tax, and reporting for the Customs Authority.



Bolero is the dedicated product for the management of the ticket office activities. It simplifies the detection of the manual documents as Excess Baggage and advance payment to carriers, and automates the acquisition of the documents generated by the CRS. Through the acquired data and depending on the specific airline contracts, the system processes the invoices and allows to compare the generated data with those coming from the BSP, highlighting any discrepancy.

The module Bolero Web enables to get directly from the check-in desks all data regarding baggage excess and other services, increasing the level of customer service and optimizing the process management. In addition the system is endowed to allow the use of automatic cash desks for payment.



FALCON (Facility Area Leasing CONtracts) is a package for the management of airport leasing contracts regarding car parks, commercial spaces and service provision. The solution can also be adapted to other environments. The module  has different tools which  enable to define the sources object of the contract, payment conditions, amounts, royalties, and to prepare invoicing. FALCON is not only a powerful tool for Airport Administration, it is also an exhaustive solution with many functionality supporting the Marketing and Commercial Management.