Airport Operational Database (AODB)

AIDA (Airport Operational Database) is the HEART of  an efficient airport, as it contains all the essential data for all airport operations. AIDA delivers a system which collects, processes and stores all operational data and flight information. All applications contributing to the airport operational management, as simulations, communications, Message Broker, Clearance, operations, resources, Lost&Found, Business Intelligence, administration, FIDS, BHS, local DCS find in AIDA their complete and certified database.  


AIDA enables a structured and mainly controlled data storage as well as a logical distribution. The managed information includes all flight and operational data, for example seasonal flight timetable, airport resources etc. All information supporting the airport processes are hosted in the AODB.


AIDA together with the suite Airone 2000 enables the integration between airport systems. It can be used to check the information, for the distribution of the application systems and to enable users to be directly informed about the updated data. 


AIDA delivers a complete control of data access, functionalities are enabled to users through a combination of access filters and checks through password authentification.