Airport Badge & Safety

Airport Badge

This solution creates a dynamic management of the airport staff and equipment, as well as the emission of badge, licenses, training, contracts etc.. In such a way it is always possible to know the staff situation, for example the access permission which allows the access on specific areas, if a badge has been overturned, if qualification are expired or a vehicle has been de-activated for maintenance reasons. An exhaustive training management completes the solution and enables a centralization and a rationalization of  the elements of the airport database. The system is endowed with specific access and invoicing export.


Airport SMS

AirportSMS (Airport Safety Management System) is the ideal solution for the security and the efficiency of service, it enables users to focus risks and take the specific security actions to create a reporting system as required by the ENAC regulations. The available functionalities include the record of maintenance activities, such as runaway inspections, signals, presence of birds, unpredictable information, accidents or bird strike. The detection is shown directly on the air base map, indicating the location and characteristic, a sophisticated data analysis system enables to relate the collected data to generate a risk analysis.